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Our remarkably supportive educational environment inspires transformational confidence, offering boundless opportunities to belong, 成为, 并取得成功.

Driven by our exceptional academics, individualized support, and steadfast integrity, we equip every student for a life of tenacious growth and world-shaping success.

Our desire to uncover truth and knowledge drives everything we do on campus, in our community, 远不止于此.

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Lifelong Learning

Is My Ambrosian Value

在分, Matt discovered an educational environment that encouraged innovation and tenacity. He jumped into sales competitions, served as a Resident Advisor, 领导撤退, and competed in intermural sports. His relentless commitment to excellence paid off: three degrees – earned in just 3.5 years – and a job waiting for him after graduation.


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Compassionate Care

Is My Ambrosian Value

Marceline is committed to serving, and we are, 太. Our nursing program taught her to provide a higher level of care, and the spark to go a step beyond. We provide a holistic education that empowers you to achieve your goals, so you can support patients in achieving their goals, 太. Personal care and compassion. It's what we, and Marceline, provide in health care.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

Months before she graduated summa cum laude from one of the most highly recognized Forensic Psychology programs in the Midwest, 莎拉香肠 knew where she was headed next. She had been admitted to a highly competitive mental health counseling master’s program at Valparaiso University. “My experiences at SAU were absolutely indispensable in gaining admittance,” she says. “I credit the amazing psychology professors I had at St. 可以买滚球的正规平台.”

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Lifelong Learning

Is My Ambrosian Value

Nurturing SAU professors who genuinely cared about Joe helped pave the way for him to earn graduate degrees in theology and healthcare ethics. He is using his education to serve and guide others as Director of Mission Integration and Regional Ethics, Mercy Dubuque and Mercy Health Network.


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Academic Excellence

Is My Ambrosian Value

Our MBA alumni lead companies and divisions in the region and across the world. We provide a responsive education focused on your needs and those of businesses seeking progress and professionals who can deliver. Anthony elevated his skills through our challenging, ethics-based curriculum and gained a broad business foundation that he continues to build on today.

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Academic Excellence

Is My Ambrosian Value

Every student expects a profound education. We deliver on that promise. 在分, engineering majors can pick a specialty: industrial or mechanical, 或两个, and graduate in as few as four years. Our state-of-art labs give you hands-on experience, and you'll gain even more during an internship. It is a strong curriculum, taught by dedicated faculty. 问问文斯就知道了.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

We don't push you to succeed. We push you to excel. In our OT program, Abby discovered an academic community committed to tenacious growth and holistic success. She chose to invest, and grow, in our program. In turn, we fully invested in her.

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Lifelong learning

Is My Ambrosian Value

Rick wanted to discover how he could shape the world, so he chose St. 可以买滚球的正规平台. Today, he carries what he learned and lived at SAU into his classroom every day. As an educator and an Ambrosian, he plans to spark never-ending curiosity and exploration in the next generation, and give them the 太ls to succeed. He is a Computer Science Instructor, Leadership Advisor, and Soccer Coach at Harding Middle School, 在锡达拉皮兹, 爱荷华州.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

We challenge our MBA students to 成为 excellent and ethical professionals by providing an education that is broad, 有关, and surpasses expectations. Beau sought a program that would lead to professional advancement. With the help of professors and classmates with genuine business experience, he gained an education that gave him so much more. He applies those lessons and skills every single day.

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Academic Excellence

Is My Ambrosian Value

Her admissions counselor knew Karina wanted to attend SAU, and most importantly, she knew Karina would thrive here. That connection is our motivation to do everything we can to make your St. 可以买滚球的正规平台 education an affordable option.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

As a first-year student, Murphy planned to major in engineering. 然而,, after one required general education art class, associate professor Joseph Lappie, MFA, recognized her talent and asked if she'd consider a minor in art. His continued support and encouragement gave her the courage to change her major and pursue her passion and creativity. 在圣. 可以买滚球的正规平台, you get so many opportunities to grow and explore.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

Social justice is tied to action, and our BSW students experience learning. Lupe will spend 400 hours on-site at community agencies and organizations, 处理, and advocating for, 客户. It is an experience that will elevate her confidence and amplify the impact she makes in the world.


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Is My Ambrosian Value

Twyla is an independent soul who created her own path to college. She chose to 成为 an Ambrosian, 在某种程度上, for our small class sizes and the comprehensive education we provide. 然后, we exceeded her expectations by providing a personal, supportive and encouraging community where she thrived.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

We want to make a St. 可以买滚球的正规平台 University education accessible for all. Here, 100 percent of first-year students receive financial aid – on average around $20,000! 招生 and financial aid counselors identify scholarships, 奖助金, and work study opportunities for each student because they've witnessed the power and value of a St. 可以买滚球的正规平台程度. Erin is right: we want you to be here as much as you do!


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Is My Ambrosian Value

Rachel became an Ambrosian in 2017 because we provide the remarkable university community she requires: a supportive environment; opportunities for academic, artistic and spiritual growth; collaboration and discussion; and a collective mission for social justice.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

Higher education should lead to personal discovery. 的珍珠, that journey is supported by faculty who challenge and encourage her to do and be her best. 在圣. 可以买滚球的正规平台, we focus on the educational and personal growth of every student. It's just what we do.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

Damon became an Ambrosian in 2017 and his ties to SAU became stronger. As a leading Midwestern university committed to academic excellence, 文科, social justice and service, we mirror Damon’s academic and personal values.

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Is My Ambrosian Value

All of our College of Business programs are fully accredited and highly respected by business and industry leaders throughout the region, many of which offer internships to our students and hire SAU alumni. In fact, eight months prior to graduation, Alex accepted a full-time position in the Deere & Company Accounting/Financial Development Program. "The Quad Cities is an unbelievable resource for internships and full-time jobs," he says.

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